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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Welcome to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

We have cancelled this training.  If you are interested in CAT Classrooms, please contact Susan Hill ( and we will notify you when another training will occur.

Need to get some things done over the summer?  Here are some tips from The Chronicle of Higher Education about how to use your time productively!   

How would you visibly represent the teaching and learning process?  Would it be a tree?  A circle? A butterfly? A cup of tea?  Once you've discovered what your image is, think about what you do in your classes that reflects this image.  Are there other activities, processes, etc., that you could do to make your teaching and learning image more evident in your classroom?

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning seeks to engage, explore, and enhance the practice of teaching and the culture of learning at UNI.

Alicia Janssen, Secretary

(319) 273-2633