Academic Affairs Updates

Professional Development Assignments Propel UNI's Contributions to Scholarship and Iowa

Every fall, a committee comprised of one faculty representative each from CBA, COE, and CSBS, and two representatives from CHAS, evaluates applications for Professional Development Assignments (PDA). A PDA provides full regular salary for one semester or half-salary for an academic year.

Two Centuries of the North American Review

By Jeremy Schraffenberger, Associate Professor of English
Department of Languages and Literatures

The North American Review, the oldest and one of the most important literary magazines in the United States, will celebrate its bicentennial by hosting a conference on June 11-13, 2015 on the University of Northern Iowa campus (where it has been housed since 1968).

Retention Council Efforts Show Results

The UNI Retention Council was established in 2010 as a result of the 2009-10 Foundations of Excellence (FoE) initiative. UNI's retention and graduation rates remain strong, and should be a source of pride for the institution.
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New Student Assessment Instrument Debuts at UNI
During 2013-14, eighteen meetings and dedicated faculty-administrative collaboration, in the form of the Student Assessment Instrument Committee, resulted in a new instrument by which students can evaluate their courses at UNI.

Is This for "Real?" 3D Printing at UNI
By Scott Giese, Associate Professor of Technology
Adrienne Lamberti, Associate Professor of Languages and Literatures
The Economist claimed that "it is likely to disrupt every field it touches." A recent article from the CNN website predicts it "could become a household appliance that saves people thousands of dollars a year." A high-productivity software corporation argues that it's a promising phenomenon only when used at the industrial level.