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Advisor Development Course

Option 1: This course is designed for new and seasoned UNI advisors to enhance academic advising skills, and as a resource on specific advising topics. The course guides participants in five areas of Core Knowledge. 

  • Advising at UNI
  • Advisor Toolbox: Relational Skills, Making Referrals, and Forms
  • Navigating the SIS
  • Reading an Advisement Report
  • Undergraduate Degree Requirements and the Liberal Arts Core 

In addition, there are electives:

  • Transfer Students
  • Requirements of Teach Education
  • Career Development in Advising
  • Working with Special Populations
  • Advising for Academic Success
  • Cultural Competency for Advisors
  • Working with Parents & Guardians 

If you are interested in additional advisor development, consider completing the Advisor Development Certificate