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February 2015

This workshop, led by Kim Baker (SAC), introduced The Paul-Elder Method for Critical Thinking, a systematic set of strategies for practicing, teaching, and evaluating critical thinking skills across disciplines.

April 2015

This session, led by Gerri Perreault (Chair of UNI American Democracy Project) and Donna Vinton (Director of Academic Assessment), provided an introduction to using service-learning in college courses. 

October 2016

Traditional definitions of mentoring assume a one-to-one relationship between an older, wiser person and a younger, more inexperienced one-and that these relationships are ALWAYS beneficial. There are many different mentoring models: sometimes mentoring relationships are created randomly, or based on a particular set of criteria, or for a specific amount of time. Sometimes mentoring relationships are encouraged within departments; sometimes not. Sometimes mentoring relationships work really well, but, often, they don’t. In this workshop, Marybeth Stalp (Sociology) presented and discussed ways to construct mentoring relationships that function effectively and benefit both mentor and mentee.