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Fall Faculty Workshop Resources

RCR Workshop (Fall 2017)

The resources and PowerPoints for this event are attached below, including helpful worksheets to incorporate into your classes to better assist students in understanding plagiarism and ethics in their coursework. 

RCR Workshop PowerPoint Slides

What's Wrong With this paragraph? - Writing exercise

Authorship Questions

Helping Hand? worksheet

Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical Case Studies

In with the Old, Out with the New? worksheet

Mentoring and Mentoring Up - Case Studies 

Fall Faculty Workshop 2017 

Resources originally complied by Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Ph.D.

 PowerPoints from the presentation

 The answers from the UNI pre-survey 

Recording of 2017 Fall Faculty Workshop  (*Please note that this video starts 20 minutes after the beginning of the workshop.)

More information on opportunities to participate in transparency research in your classroom 

Bibliography provided by presenter (with links to Rod Library full-text for each source)


Fall Faculty Workshop 2016

Resources originally complied by Stephany Rose, Ph.D. and Dena Samuels, Ph.D.

Fall Faculty Workshop 2015

Resources originally complied by Susan K. Wolcott, Ph.D.

"Assignments and Examples of Student Writing", Susan K. Wolcott, Ph.D.

"Customized Rubric with Examples", Susan K. Wolcott, Ph.D.

"Improving Students' Critical Thinking Skills: Strategies for the Classroom", Susan K. Wolcott, Ph.D.

"Simplified Overview of Performance Patterns", Susan K. Wolcott, Ph.D.


Fall Faculty Workshop 2014

Resources on Learner-Centered Teaching (Originally compiled by Maryellen Weimer, Ph.D.) 

Summaries or Relevant Research

"Applying Science of Learning in Education: Infusing Psychological Science into the Curriculum", V.A. Benassi, C.E. Overson, & C.M. Hakala, Editors

"Applying the Science of Learning to the University and Beyond: Teaching for Long-Term Retention and Transfer", D.F. Halpern & M.D. Hakel

"Where's the Evidence that Active Learning Works?", J. Michael

"Does Active Learning Work? A Review of the Research", M. Prince

"Pedagogies of Engagement in Science", T. Eberlein, J. Kampmeier, V. Minderhout, R.S. Moog, T. Platt, P. Varma-Nelson, & H.B. White


Research on Specific Learner-Centered Approaches

"Active Learning and Student-centered Pedagogy Improve Student Attitudes and Performance in Introductory Biology", P. Armbruster, M. Patel, E. Johnson, & M. Weiss

"Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning [POGIL] in an Introductory Anatomy and Physiology Course with a Diverse Student Population", P.J.P. Brown

"An Assessment on the Effect of Collaborative Groups on Students' Problem-Solving Strategies and Abilities", M.M. Cooper, C.T. Cox, M. Nammouz & E. Case

"Improved Learning in a Large-Enrollment Physics Class", L. Deslauriers, E. Schelew, & C. Wieman

"Peer-Led Team Learning in General Chemistry: Implementation and Evaluation", S.C. Hockings, K.J. DeAngelis, & R.F. Frey

"Departing from Lectures: an Evaluation of Peer-Led Guided Inquiry Alternative", S.E. Lewis & J.E. Lewis

"Less Teaching, More Learning: 10-yr Study Support Increasing Student Learning Through Less Coverage and More Inquiry", D.B. Luckie, et al

"Peer Instruction in General Chemistry Laboratory: Assessment of Student Learning", C.L. McCreary, M.F. Golde, & R. Koeske

"Addressing the Crisis in College Mathematics: Designing Courses for Student Success", T. Thiel, S. Peterman, & B. Brown


Essays Exploring Learner-Centered Issues

"Uncoverage: Toward a Signature Pedagogy for the History Survey", L. Calder

"Turning Water into Wine: Giving Remote Texts Full Flavor for the Audience of Friends", M. Gregory

"What if Students Revolt'--Considering Student Resistance: Origins, Options, and Opportunities for Investigation", S.B. Seidel & K.D. Tanner

"Moving Away from the Authoritarian Classroom", M. Singham

"Death to the Syllabus", M. Singham

"The Case Against Teaching", L.D. Spence

"Principles of Effective Course Design: What I Wish I had Known about Learner-Centered Teaching 30 Years Ago", D.A. Whetten


Implementation Experiences

"Teaching: From Disappointment to Ecstasy", C. Albers

"Lessons from the Learning Classroom", T.W. Noel

"The Many Faces of Inductive Teaching and Learning", M. Prince & R. Felder

"Teaching and Learning in the Interactive Classroom", D.U. Silverthorn

"Redesigning a Large-Enrollment Introductory Biology Course", C. Ueckert, A. Adams, & J. Lock


Learner-Centered Strategies, Approaches, and Assignments

"Setting Course Goals: Privileges and Responsibilities in a World of Ideas", L.T. Benjamin

"A Note-Restructuring Intervention Increases Students' Exam Scores", by D. Cohen, E. Kim, J. Tan, & M. Winkelmes

"Empowering Students: Class-Generated Rules", J.D. DiClementi & M.M. Handelsman

"Active Review Sessions Can Advance Student Learning", T.G. Favero

"Student-directed Learning: An Exercise in Student Engagement", L. Gibson

"Just in Time Teaching in Sociology or How I Convinced my Students to Actually Read the Assignment", J.R. Howard

"Syllabus Under Construction: Involving Students in the Creation of Class Assignments", S.S. Hudd

"Choice-based Learning: Student Reactions in an Undergraduate Organizational Communication Course", L.K. Lewis & P.A. Hayward

"Red Light, Green Light and Other Ideas for Class Participation-Intensive Courses: Method and Implications for Business Ethics Education", R.A. Litz

"Reading Value: Student Choice in Reading Strategies", K. Manarin

"Using Structured Reading Groups to Facilitate Deep Learning", H.M. Parrott & E. Cherry

"Deep Reading, Cost/Benefit, and the Construction of Meaning: Enhancing Reading Comprehension and Deep Learning in Sociology Courses", J.C. Roberts & K.A. Roberts

"Critical Reading: Using Reading Prompts to Promote Active Engagement with Text", T. Tomasek

"Course Preparation Assignments: A Strategy for Creating Discussion-Based Courses", D. Yamane


Assessment Issues

"Peer Assessment in Small Groups: A Comparison of Methods", D.F. Baker

"Asking the Right Questions: Using Student-Written Exams as an Innovative Approach to Learning and Evaluation", H. Corrigan & G. Craciun

"Incorporating Student Centered Learning Techniques into an Introductory Plant Identification Course", L. Deeter

"Reliability of Students' Self-Recorded Participation in Class Discussion", K.R. Krohn, et al. 

"Improving Student Peer Feedback", L.B. Nilson

"The Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness: Development of a Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale for Self- and Peer Evaluation", M.W. Ohland, et al. 

PowerPoint Presentations

Todd Zakrajsek on how students learn

Stephen Brookfield on Critical Thinking