University Curriculum Committees 2018-2019

College Senate Curriculum Committees

College Senate Chairs can be contacted to identify the college-level curriculum chair and committee members for the current curriculum cycle.

College of Business Administration Karthik Iyer
College of Education Lyn Countryman
College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences Kirk Manfredi
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Robert Dise
Rod Library Susan Moore

University Committee on Curricula 2018-2019

College Representatives - and - UCC Meeting Minutes                                             

David Hakes Economics BUS 21 (1)
Anthony Gabriele Ed Psych EDUC 20 (2)
Jin Zhu Technology CHAS 21 (1)
Suzanne Riehl Math CHAS 20 (2)
Kenneth Basom Political Science SBS 19 (4)


Gayle Rhineberger-Dunn Sociology/Anthropology/Criminology 22 (1)
Mark Fienup Computer Science 21 (2)
Gayle Pohl Communication Studies 19 (3)


Katherine Martin Library

Ex-Officio (non-voting)

Patrick Pease Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Committee Chair
Joyce Morrow Registrar
Chad Christopher Coordinator of Secondary Teacher Preparation
Diane Wallace Registrar's Office
Joan Smothers Registrar's Office, Committee Secretary
Deedee Heistad Executive Director, Undergraduate Studies

Graduate College Curriculum Committee 2018-2019

College Representatives

Dale Cyphert Management CBA 2021 (1)
Curt Nielsen Teaching COE 2021 (1)
Elizabeth Sutton Art CHAS 2023 (1)
Gayle Pohl Communication Studies CHAS 2021 (2)
Steven Onken Social Work CSBS 2021 (2)
Susan Moore Cataloger Librarian Library 2023 (2)


Gayle Pohl Graduate Council
Radhi Al-Mabuk Graduate Council


Ex-Officio (non-voting)

Gabriela Oliveras Chair, Associate Dean, Graduate College
Catherine Miller Chair, Teacher Education Faculty
Diane Wallace Registrar's Office
Joan Smothers Registrar's Office, Committee Secretary