Leepfrog Curriculum Entry (Tutorials/Help Guides)

The Leepfrog curriculum system “nextcatalog” opens in mid-February each year for officially entering new curriculum proposals for approval.

Following are tutorials/help guides to assist you in that navigation and entry. If you have any questions regarding entering course or program proposals into the Leepfrog Curriculum system, contact:


Rachelle Kidwell (3-2279) rachelle.kidwell@uni.edu

April Schmiesing (3-6801) april.schmiesing@uni.edu




Workflow in Leepfrog Curriculum System


     Workflow for Courses


     Workflow for Programs


Approving Proposals in Leepfrog Curriculum System as Proposals Move Through Workflow (Navigation, process, and also how to "Rollback" a proposal)


     Navigation, Approval and Rollback Process