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Leepfrog Curriculum Entry (Tutorials/Help Guides)

The Leepfrog curriculum system “nextcatalog” ( opens in mid-February each year for officially entering new curriculum proposals for approval.

Following are tutorials/help guides to assist you in that navigation and entry. If you have any questions regarding entering course or program proposals into the Leepfrog Curriculum system, contact:



Diane Wallace (3-2923)

Megan Perry (3-7696)


Navigation in Leepfrog Curriculum System  


Search the 2017-18 Catalog for Content - The 2018-19 Catalog will be available on this site approximately mid-March. 



Course Proposals


   Propose a New Course


   Search for an Existing Course


   Edit an Existing Course


   Drop an Existing Course


Program Proposals 


   Propose a New Program  


   Search for an Existing Program


   Edit an Existing Program



Workflow in Leepfrog Curriculum System


   Workflow for Courses


   Workflow for Programs


Approving Proposals in Leepfrog Curriculum System as Proposals Move Through Workflow (Navigation, process, and also how to "Rollback" a proposal)


   Navigation, Approval and Rollback Process