Curriculum Development Forms (MS Word format)

Use these forms for development of new curriculum proposal and subsequent intradepartmental review and consultation with appropriate bodies. In the yearly curriculum cycle, this would typically take place between September-February. You can refer to the Ongoing Annual Curriculum Cycle for more detailed information on the process and timelines. The Curriculum Approval Process chart provides information regarding consultation requirements and reviewing approval bodies by curriculum proposal type. Please note:

For Curriculum Summary Forms:

December 15: Deadline for Departments to submit to Dean for budget review

February 15: Deans send approved Curriculum Summary Form to Departments Heads who then send the signed, approved form to the Provost's Office.

For Consultation Forms:

Note: It is no longer necessary to send a consultation form to the Library.  The library will automatically receive an FYI in Leepfrog on all curriculum proposals.  All other consultation documentation must be included in proposals prior to final submission. 

Please contact Cheryl Nedrow (273-2518) if you have any questions about or issues with any of these forms.

The Curriculum FAQs provide some answers to commonly asked questions.

Curriculum Summary Form (Revised August, 2017) - Summary of Curriculum Changes & Budget Summary

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