About UNI-National Coalition Building Institute Affiliate

Some members of the Campus Coalition Builders team

We are voluntary students, faculty, staff and administrators  from UNI who have earned certification with the National Coalition Building Institute (ncbi.org). We have a commitment to building a campus community to which everyone wants to belong.

The Campus Coalition Builders initiative is sponsored by the Office of the President, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, the Vice President of Student Affairs the Vice President for Administration and Financial Services, and the Northern Iowa Student Government.

UNI-NCBI Advisory Committee

Ashley Brickley- Coordinator, Student Disability Services

Harry Brod - Professor; Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology

Michelle Byers - Director; Human Resource Services

Victoria DeFrancisco - Professor; Communication Studies

Karen Mitchell - Professor; Communication Studies

Colice Sanders- Advising Specialist, Student Support Services