Faculty Evaluation Updates

The Faculty Evaluation Committee is charged with creating a process of evaluation that at once celebrates and enhances faculty excellence by recognizing and rewarding outstanding work and emphasizes continual professional development through the evolution of a faculty member’s career. 

Specific tasks include developing university-wide procedures (university process) as well as general university-wide principles and standards (university criteria) for faculty evaluation in ways that affirm shared governance and academic freedom. The committee is comprised of three faculty members selected by Faculty Leadership and three administrators selected by the Provost. The Committee will work in a collaborative and inclusive manner with the faculty as a whole, transparently sharing its work during the drafting process and getting feedback from the community.  

Committee members include:

  • Brenda Bass 

  • Carissa Froyum

  • Chris Martin

  • Amy Petersen

  • Paul Shand

  • John Vallentine

The Committee has been asked to explore several possibilities, including the Boyer model for scholarship, career ladders for renewable term instructors, and collaboratively developed and transparently shared criteria for annual, tenure, promotion, and post-tenure reviews. The overall structure for the committee’s work is fully documented in the appendix of the Faculty Handbook.

2017-2018 Faculty Handbook.

Update #1, October 2017: Faculty Evaluation Committee & Process 

Update #2, November 2017: Faculty Evaluation Committee Progress Report

Update #3, December 2017 - January 2018: Faculty Evaluation Committee Progress Report

Update #4, February 2018: Faculty Evaluation Committee Progress Report

Update #5, March - April 2018: Faculty Evaluation Committee Progress Report

Update #6, May - September 2018: Faculty Evaluation Commitee Progress Report