Section 4.0 Personnel Files

A personnel file will be maintained for each tenured and probationary Faculty Member. The file shall be

located in the office of the Dean of the Faculty Member’s college unless otherwise determined by the

University. If a change in location is determined, Faculty Members and the United Faculty shall be notified

in writing of the changed location.

Section 4.1 Right to Review

Each Faculty Member shall have the right to review the contents of her/his personnel file during regular

working hours, or at such other time as mutually agreed on with the Dean of the College. The review will

take place in the presence of the Dean of the College or her/his designee. Excluded from the review will be

employment credentials, which are not designated by their source as available to be reviewed by the


Section 4.2 Right to Respond

The Faculty Member shall have the right to respond to all materials contained in her/his file. Such

responses shall be attached to the related report and become part of said file.

Section 4.3 File Material Removal

A Faculty Member may request in writing removal of any item in the file. Such request for removal must

be received within one year of placement of the item in the file. The written request shall also contain a

rationale for the requested removal. If the Dean and Executive Vice President and Provost agree, the item

shall be removed from the personnel file. If the Dean and Executive Vice President and Provost deny the

request for removal, they will notify the Faculty Member in writing within thirty (30) days from the date of

the written request including reason for the denial. For purposes of this section, days shall mean class days

during the regular academic year.

Section 4.4 Notice of Complaint

Any complaints directed toward a Faculty Member, which are placed in her/his personnel file shall be called

promptly to the Faculty Member’s attention in writing and identified as being added to the file.

Section 4.5 Right to Copies

The Faculty Member shall have the right to copies of the contents of the file at her/his expense at the rate of

five cents ($.05) per page.