Section 14.0 Definition

The University’s assignment of a faculty member to another department shall be considered a transfer.

Section 14.1 Notice

Notice of forthcoming transfers shall be provided to affected faculty members in writing as soon as

practical, and not less than 60 days prior to the effective date of such transfer unless exceptional

circumstances exist. The written notice shall contain the reasons necessitating the transfer. A copy of the

notice shall be provided to the United Faculty. Normally, transfers shall not take place during the course of

a semester.

Section 14.2 Meeting Prior to Transfer

Transfers shall be made only after a meeting between the faculty member involved, the UNI-United Faculty

representative, if requested, and the University administrator who is responsible for the transfer decision.

Section 14.3 Involuntary Transfer

Subdivision 14.31

Prior to making an involuntary transfer, the faculty member will be notified and the faculty member may

volunteer for the transfer. If the transfer becomes involuntary, the faculty member will be provided written

reason(s) for the transfer.

Subdivision 14.32

If the faculty member objects to the transfer, the University will consider other viable alternatives, if any.

Subdivision 14.33

A faculty member who has been involuntarily transferred shall receive consideration for reassignment if

such opportunity becomes available in the future.

Section 14.4 Grievability

A faculty member may file a grievance relating to this Article through Section 10, Subdivision 10.33.

However, the decision of the President or his designee in Article Ten, Section 10.3, Subdivision 10.33,

Level Three, shall be final and such grievance shall not be considered at the arbitration level, Section 10.4.