Overall Feedback Report

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Thank you for the feedback you’ve provided at our listening sessions, department visits, and senate visits.  We’re continuing to make these visits; let one of the co-chairs know if you would like to schedule one with your department.

Overall, your feedback is indicating support for the basic structure we sent out to campus. This structure has a foundational skills tier, a breadth of disciplines and SLOs tier, and a multi-disciplinary certificate tier that would provide the opportunity for students to examine big issues/questions/problems from a diverse set of disciplinary lenses.

You’ve also asked questions about the details of the proposed model. The feedback shows that people appreciate that the committee reached out for opinions on the rough model, but now would like more of the details fleshed out. All of this input will inform the next step of refining our structural sketch into a curriculum that is coherent, flexible, sustaining, and—we hope—inviting to both students and faculty. Our committee will proceed in developing the model more fully, while we continue to listen to feedback at our visits.

Once a more developed draft of the model is completed, the committee will ask for at least one more round of feedback before finalizing what will go to the University Faculty Senate. This needs to belong to all of us. We anticipate this work going into the Spring semester.

Thank you again for the constructive feedback about the proposed model, and the spirit of goodwill and camaraderie you’ve also supplied. The committee carefully considers all of the points and suggestions, and we appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into


The General Education Re-envisioning Committee

Brenda Bass, Dean, CSBS – Co-Chair, non-voting
John Fritch, Dean, CHAS – Co-Chair, non-voting
Ana Kogl, CSBS – Co-Chair
Doug Shaw, CHAS  – Co-Chair
CJ (Carlos) Aldape, NISG
Heather Asmus, Advising
Adam Butler, CSBS
Jonathan Chenoweth, CHAS
Angie Cox, Library
Mary Donegan-Ritter, COE
Deedee Heistad, Director, Undergraduate Studies
Chuck Holcombe, CSBS
Ken McCormick, CBA
Ryan McGeogh, CHAS
Jeff Morgan, UCC
Steve O’Kane, CHAS
John Ophus, LAC Fellow
Susan Roberts-Dobie, COE
Regan Rowenhorst, NISG
Jeremy Schraffenberger, CHAS