Program Vitality Updates

The Program Vitality Committee (PVC) is a joint committee between the Faculty Senate and the Office of the Provost. The PVC seeks to realize the fullest potential of our academic programs as we look to position the university for the future and to revitalize and streamline the program review process through a more timely and responsive evaluation. 

The PVC is comprised of six faculty members selected by the Chair of the Faculty Senate and the Chair of the Faculty, six administrators selected by the Provost, and two ex-officio members (the Director of the Office of Institutional Research or a member of that office and the Chair of the Faculty). 

Current Membership

Faculty Members:

  • CHAS: Colin Weeks

  • CBA: David Hakes

  • CSBS: Bill Henninger

  • COE: Christina Curran

  • UCC: Suzanne Riehl

  • GCCC: Leila Rod-Welch

Administrative Members:

  • Patrick Pease, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

  • Leslie Wilson, Dean, CBA

  • Gaёtane Jean-Marie, Dean, COE

  • Maureen Clayton, Associate Dean, CHAS

  • Greg Bruess, Associate Dean, CSBS

  • Eric Lange, Council of Academic Department Heads

Ex-officio Faculty Members:

Barbara Cutter, Chair of the Faculty

Ex-officio Admin Members:

Kristin Moser, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness


-  Download the PVC Committee Charge for more details.
-  Download the Program Vitality Metrics List