Class of 1943 Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

Eligibility and Criteria

  1.  All tenured faculty, including department heads, who have been on the faculty at UNI for at least five years are eligible.  Such eligibility includes individuals who are employed at least half-time, those on a leave-or-absence during consideration, and those who are in their final year of employment prior to retirement.  A faculty member may receive the Excellence in Teaching Award only once; however, recipients are not precluded from consideration for other University awards.
  2. The emphasis for this award should be placed on effective performance in the classroom.  Outstanding teaching also includes being generous with personal time and seriously concerned with academic excellence and individual student needs, interests and development.
  3. Distinguished teaching will be measured by student assessments over time; significant teaching activities, both inside and outside the classroom; letters from current students, former students and faculty colleagues; evidence of curriculum development activity; and high-quality standards for rigor and currency of course content.

Selection Procedures

  1. The selection process begins with the nomination of faculty by colleagues.   A nomination form (below) should be forwarded to the Chair of your College Senate OR the Chair of the College Awards Committee by November 30.  The nomination form includes an indication of the nominee’s willingness to be named and a brief description of how the nominated faculty member’s teaching merits consideration for this award.
  2. The College Senate chair will refer nominations to the College Awards Committee, which will select a maximum of two faculty members to be forwarded to the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, which will notify the University Committee members.  The nominee will compile and forward the following nomination materials electronically to the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President at by February 5 :

a. A current vita and written narrative of not more than 500 words describing the nominee’s philosophy of teaching.

b. A maximum of three letters of support.  The names and addresses of three individuals should be provided to the College Awards Committee and the Committee should   solicit letters indicating how the faculty member’s teaching meets the criteria for selection.

c. A maximum of three documents supportive of the award criteria (e.g. curriculum materials).

d. Printouts of student assessments from the prior three years.

The University Committee is selected by the Provost or designee in consultation with College Senate Chairs.   It will consist of one representative from each academic college, one student, and two members of the Emeritus Faculty Association. It will review all materials and forward a recommendation to the Provost and Executive Vice President.  The Committee’s recommendation shall remain confidential until the Provost and Executive Vice President  announces the recipient.  

Nomination Form in PDF

Nomination Form in Word Format