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UNI Bookstore Outstanding Teaching Award

UNI Bookstore has made money available to fund up to five university-wide Outstanding Teaching Awards for Pre-Tenure Faculty.

Tenure-track faculty from all colleges are eligible for nomination for the UNI Bookstore Outstanding Teaching Awards for pre-tenure faculty. Awards will be given at the Faculty Awards Dinner in the spring.

Candidates for this award may have shown significant contributions to the quality of teaching by:

  • Taking into considerable account student needs and interests
  • Demonstrating mastery of a variety of instructional techniques
  • Preparing and utilizing innovative classroom strategies and materials
  • Exhibiting uncommon dedication and zeal for the ideals and ideas of education
  • Being generous with time and talent, seriously considering academic excellence and individual student development
  • Receiving excellent student assessments
  • Successfully integrating research, scholarship and/or creative activity into the practice of teaching
  • Having earned the respect of colleagues for excellence in teaching

Nominating procedure:

Nominations can be made by faculty, staff and/or students.  The nominator shall: 

  • Secure consent of the nominee and
  • Provide a letter of nomination summarizing the qualifications of the nominee for the award to be included in faculty materials. 

The Nominee shall: 

  • Secure a maximum of three letters of recommendation, one from a student. These letters are in addition to the letter of nomination.
  • Provide a one-page statement of teaching philosophy
  • Provide an updated vita
  • Provide copies of student assessments from classes taught during the previous academic year
  • Provide other supporting material not to exceed 15 pages.

The deadline for submission of all nominee materials to the Provost's Office is December 1, 2017.