2013-2015 Master Agreement

A Master Agreement between the Board of Regents, State of Iowa and the UNI-United Faculty



Master Agreement
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*Appeal of Denial of Tenure, Failure to Promote, Non-Renewal of Probationary appointments, Termination of Term Appointments before the end of the appointment, and Recommendations to Terminate a Tenured Faculty Member





Section 6.0  Compensation

Summer compensation for full-time employment for teaching, research, professional service, or any combination thereof shall be 1/27th of the Faculty Member’s nine-month academic year salary for each semester credit hour taught.


Section 6.1  Assignment

Work assignments will be made by the employer. Part-time assignments during any part of the summer session period may be made.


Section 6.2  Notice of Appointment

No less than ninety percent (90%) of full-time and part-time summer appointments shall be made by memorandum of appointment before April 1 for the May term and April 15 for the June and July terms, but may be earlier if budget schedules permit.  No more than ten percent (10%) of the total of all summer school courses in all summer school sessions within any college may be assigned specifically to “staff.”  Later appointments may be made, if agreed by the employee and employer, in the case of positions for which the availability of funds is not known until a later date.

Section 6.3  Study Abroad Travel Expenses and Compensation

The University shall pay Faculty Members travel expenses related to international study abroad teaching.  Compensation for study abroad teaching shall be no less than the part-time rate.


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