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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Advisory Board Networks

Various teacher education disciplines utilize  external advisory boards for program enhancement. The membership of teacher education advisory boards typically includes representation from the following constituent groups: teachers, administrators, Area Education Agencies, and Iowa Department of Education; policy makers; business representatives, students, and community agencies.

Action:  Before recommending an appropriate degree of expansion or improvement, the first step was to develop a process that collects data related to advisory board networks in order to assess the extent of their use.

Results:  Partially completed – acquired a list of advisory boards related to teacher education:  16 advisory boards/councils were identified. Have not yet collectedt the frequency of meetings or goals of the boards/councils.

Next Step:  Determine the need for expanded development of advisory boards, and project an appropriate target for Y3.

Contact Info: 

Nadene Davidson

Interim Department Head, Office of Student Field Experiences