Certificate in Sustainability

Year 2 Milestones - Faculty Leadership in Sustainability Education Program(FLSEP)

  • Each of the 26 faculty members in the FLSEP taught a course they had revised to include a sustainability theme. 

  • All 26 members submitted to all three assessments:

  • Evaluation of revised syllabus

  • Outside evaluator of four classes each member

  • Self-reflection

  • A peer-reviewed paper on our ELSEP work was accepted for presentation at the World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities in Rio de Janeiro in June, 2012.

  • Developed tracking to count:

  • # of Centers collaborating

  • # of co-written  proposals and papers

  • # of co-sponsored events

  • Conducted student survey Fall 2011 (100 respondents).  Major results: 74% saw sustainability topics of importance to society; 61% were interested in sustainability as a component of their coursework; 50% indicated an interest in taking specific sustainability themed courses; 50% were interested in a sustainability minor; and 53% were interested in a sustainability certificate program.

  • Many details for introducing a Certificate in Sustainability have been proposed and discussed.  The major problem thus far is finding a home for the certificate.  Because of the multidisciplinary nature of sustainability, it doesn’t fit into one department or one College.  Once we solve this problem, we will prepare all the paperwork and request approval from the Faculty Senate.

Contact Info: 

Bill Stigliani

Professor, Center for Energy & Environmental Education

Eric O’Brien

University Sustainability Coordinator, VP for Administration & Financial Services