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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Enterprise Risk Management

ERM Council will discuss the approach to recommend to the president at our July 2012 meeting. The end result will be a process to review how/if the identified major risk areas have been addressed, as well as a time line and process for recurring campus wide risk assessment.

Year 2 Milestones

1.  Outreach and information to the campus

  • Completed and made live ERM website May 2012

  • Identified nine key groups and completed informational sessions with six.

2.  Campus wide risk assessment

  • Completed 43 risk assessment interviews and summarized findings (summer/fall 2012)

  • Identified, categorized, and evaluated risks according to severity and likelihood

  • Condensed into 13 major risk items

  • Developed recommendations to mitigate each of the 13

  • Prioritized individual/topical risk elements and submitted to president Dec 11

  • Developed strategies to address priorities in Spring ’12.

  • Identified contact people as point persons for prioritized risks

3.  Review of all campus policies

  • Developed time line and process for review/update of existing campus policies during Spring ’12

Process and check list/procedure has been developed and sent to identified stakeholders.

Contact Info: 

Jan Hanish

Assistant Vice President, VP for Administration & Financial Services