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HLC Assessment Academy

The University of Northern Iowa was accepted into the Higher Learning Commission Academy for Assessment of Student Learning (“Assessment Academy”) in August 2010.  Participation in the Assessment Academy involves creating a new plan for assessment of learning in the Liberal Arts Core and updating the plan submitted to the Higher Learning Commission in 2004.

Such a plan must cover:

  • Assessment strategies

  • What courses/settings/populations to target

  • Appropriate timelines

  • Administrative structures

  • Reports—what data, to whom, when, how often, etc.

  • How to ensure that assessment information is used for curricular change

Milestones 2010-11

  • Acceptance into HLC Assessment Academy

  • Survey of different models

  • Plan was created

Milestones 2011-12

  • Identification of data sources to measure student accomplishments

  • Creation of data reporting process
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