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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Robust Year for Arts and Athletics

In a year when national performing arts attendance decreased 5-7%, UNI’s Gallagher Bluedorn PAC used focus groups and surveys to better understand their audiences and implemented technology to improve marketing and access. In addition, programming originating with the School of Music and Department of Theatre expanded their draw through creating more programs built around themes and collaborations – such as linking to the topic of UNI”s  Reaching for Higher Ground series. As a result, general attendance increased 7%, K-12 attendance increased 19%, and UNI students increased a whopping 38%, further showcasing GBPAC as a still-growing asset to our campus, the Cedar Valley, and beyond.

Particular high spots:

  • Tyga concert coproduced by the GBPAC and Union

  • The Magic Flute produced by the GBPAC with the School of Music,

  • The Iowa Thespians Conference in partnership with the GBPAC and Theatre department.

  • Reaching for Higher Ground involved every college and division on campus.

 The shift to primarily electronic marketing and access to all campus tickets in a one stop shop format with UNItix makes purchase more convenient and encourages add-on sales, especially effective with students.

As for athletics, besides the one stop shop, there have been increased efforts to enhance the experience of the fans with focus on the transitions, time outs, half times, and breaks.  By inserting fun and engaging activities such as the interlude dance and interactive games, the fans have an experience to which the game is at times secondary (for some fans!). In a year when national college sports attendance grew at 8%, UNI had general attendance growth of 23% and student attendance growth of 25%. 

For many citizens of Iowa, their connection to UNI is directly linked to the Unidome, famous throughout the state.