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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Scholarship Support

The 2011-12 year reflected the 7th year of the Imagine the Impact Campaign.  Gifts, pledges and deferred commitments for the Campaign exceeded $148 million toward the $150 million goal.  To date, over $58 million has been raised for student scholarships.

Included in this total were several gifts directed to the UNI Foundation endowment.  The five-year rolling average for gifts and deferred commitments increased to $6.8 million.

In 2012, the scholarship commitment of the UNI Foundation to the University increased significantly due to a larger than usual transfer for intercollegiate athletics and a one-time transfer for general scholarships.

In spring of 2012 the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, in response to a request from the Iowa legislature, formed a Task Force to devise a plan to eliminate the tuition set-aside program over a five year period.  This plan will be approved in the fall of 2012. It is likely that the tuition set-aside will disappear and another benchmark will be needed for this objective.



2009-10 Baseline


Year 1


Year 2

Y3 2012-13



Outright gifts  and pledges to the UNIF endowment (expressed as 5 yr averages)






5% increase over prior year


Dollars transferred from the UNIF to UNI for scholarships (may change to 5 yr averages next year)






5% increase over prior year


Tuition set-aside dollars allocated to scholarships 






See explanation in text above re: change

Contact Info: 

Bill Calhoun

President UNI Foundation, Development & Alumni Relations