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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Student Employees-Diversity Education

UNI employees 2,500 students each year who work in departments throughout campus. Through training days, in-service meetings, experiential learning activities, and broader University diversity programs, these departments have unique opportunity to provide their student employees

  • diverse cultural experiences

  • meaningful interactions with people from backgrounds different from their own

  • increased intercultural knowledge and competence

Although some UNI departments already provide diversity education as a part of the student employee training and professional development activities, the goal was to increase the number of UNI student employees who receive diversity education through their UNI employment.

With the assistance of the UNI Student Employee Office, Kathy Green sent an email to the Student Employment “supervisor” list explaining the goal, purpose, and method of collecting data to measure progress.  A meeting was held with an attendance of approximately 20 supervisors, at which discussion of the goal and ways to infuse diversity education in meaningful ways into student employee professional development and job training occurred. There was representation from departments employing only one student and from those employing several hundred; strategies and ideas varied as to methods that would meet the needs of each department.

Thirteen departments reported data: Library, Academic Assessment, Department of Residence Dining, Department of Residence Res Life, New Student Programs, Admissions, Child Development Center, School of HPELS, Office of Sponsored Programs, Biology, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Wellness/Recreation Services.

Results:  Baseline established March 15, 2012: 166 student employees from 13 departments received 1,110 hours of diversity education as part of their employment.

Next steps for 2012-13 (Year 3): 

1. Hold semesterly meetings and intermittent email communication with department representatives.

2. Increase # of departments participating in discussion and action.

3. Collect Data in March 2013

Contact Info: 

Kathy Green

Director University Health Services