Survey Email Sent to Campus on May 1, 2019

The General Education Reform Committee is inviting your participation in a BRIEF survey.

We are aware that this is an extremely busy time of the semester, but we are seeking your input. We expect the survey to take no more than 10 minutes. The survey will close on May 20 to give you a chance to participate in the survey after Spring grades are turned in.

As a reminder, the Faculty Senate approved 12 learning outcomes and a mission statement earlier this semester. This survey is intended to begin the campus conversation about the way the learning outcomes and mission statement will be implemented.  At the recommendation of the Faculty Senate, the survey focuses on the various elements that could be built into a general education program structure.

The survey is only the beginning of the phase of developing the structure for the general education program. The committee plans to hold listening sessions in the fall, to meet with college senates, to continue to meet on a consistent basis with the Faculty Senate, and to meet with departments or groups who so desire.

As a committee, we have a strong commitment to a process that involves the entire university committee. We would appreciate greatly your input in this short survey.

Please take a moment to respond to this brief survey about the structural elements to organize the general education curriculum.



Brenda Bass, Dean, CSBS – Co-Chair, non-voting
John Fritch, Dean, CHAS – Co-Chair, non-voting
CJ (Carlos) Aldape, NISG
Heather Asmus, Advising
Tristan Bernhard, NISG
Adam Butler, CSBS
Jonathan Chenoweth, CHAS
Angie Cox, Library
Mary Donegan-Ritter, COE
Deedee Heistad, Director, Undergraduate Studies
Chuck Holcombe, CSBS
Ana Kogl, CSBS
Ken McCormick, CBA
Ryan McGeogh, CHAS
Jeff Morgan, UCC
Steve O’Kane, CHAS
John Ophus, LAC Fellow
Susan Roberts-Dobie, COE
Regan Rowenhorst, NISG
Jeremy Schraffenberger, CHAS
Doug Shaw, CHAS