Update #62: Email - List of approved UNIFI courses for Fall 2022 12-10-21

Please have that Update #62 line link to the following email:

Dear Campus Colleagues,
The UNIFI Committee wants to thank you for the strong engagement in the course proposal process, and your patience while we completed our reviews.  Two files are attached to this email, one that lists all of the currently accepted UNIFI classes by learning area and one with a bar graph illustrating the distribution of classes across the learning areas.  These will also eventually be posted here.

As you will see, the list shows a robust set of courses that will serve as the foundation for the launch of the new UNIFI (UNI Foundational Inquiry) general education program in Fall 2022.  There are also a few additional course proposals "in progress," and UNIFI will offer a Spring 2022 call for course and certificate proposals.

Spring semester will also bring advisor trainings and formal materials to be shared with our external stakeholders.  More details to come in the new year.

Thank you and have a good winter break!

UNIFI Committee