UNI Intercollegiate Academics Travel, Research and Creative Activity Fund (IAF)

The Intercollegiate Academics Fund (IAF) is a yearly allocation of Student Activity Fee monies that exists to promote and support intercollegiate academic experiences for University of Northern Iowa students. Specifically, the IAF supports students in two ways:

1) through a travel fund for students who participate in intercollegiate academic competitions and presentations at professional conferences; and

2) through a research and creative activity fund which supports student research and creative activities. 

Students are eligible to apply for and receive funds from both sources in the same academic year.

IAF Guidelines & Forms

Important Dates for IAF Funding Requests

*Applications for research funding may be submitted at any time. Applications for domestic travel funding must follow dates listed below. Applications for international travel may be submitted 2 deadlines before each deadline listed below*

2023-2024 Deadlines

  • September 7   (for trips occurring Sept 15 - Oct 31)
  • October 5   (for trips occurring Nov 1 - Nov 30)
  • November 2   (for trips occurring Dec 1 - Dec 31)
  • December 7   (for trips occurring Jan 1 - Feb 28)
  • February 1   (for trips occurring Mar 1 - Mar 31)
  • March 7   (for trips occurring Apr 1 - Apr. 30)
  • April 4   (for trips occurring May 1 - May 31)
  • May 2   (for trips occurring June 1 - Sept. 30)

IAF Committee Membership

Chad Heinzel, Provost's Office Representative, Co-Chair (non-voting)
Geneva Bell, NISG Appointee, Co-Chair

Daniel Breitbach, P & S Staff Representative
Matt Townsley, University Faculty Senate Appointee
Noah Hackbart, NISG Appointee
Lizbeth Montalvo, NISG Appointee