Curriculum Review Process

The curriculum of the University of Northern Iowa is a concern of the faculty, administration, students and other stakeholders.  While faculty have primary responsibility for the curriculum, this is shared with academic administrators who must implement it.  Effective curriculum is consistent over time while responsive to changes in the disciplines and external environment. The purpose of the curricular change purpose is to promote flexibility and an appropriate degree of continuity.

The curriculum process is annual cycle of curricular changes and review guided by university policies and procedures.  Curricular changes are typically initiated by the departments, but may also be initiated by the colleges or other entities.  The process of curricular proposal, review, and approval moves from the level of department to the college, university as a whole, and finally to the Iowa Board of Regents (BOR).  Detailed information about the curriculum process can be located in the Curriculum Handbook.

The following curricular proposals will require additional BOR forms in addition to the university review process: new programs; reduced admissions, program suspension, or program termination; and program or department name/change.  Curricular changes become effective following approval by the BOR.  

It can take approximately 20-21 months for full approval of proposals to occur from the university through the BOR. Therefore addressing the curricular cycle timelines and requirements is suggested in order to move desired curricular changes through the review and approval process in a timely manner.

The information below includes a brief summary of the timeline involved in the curriculum process.  More in-depth information on the curriculum cycle is available at the following link: Curriculum Timetable/Deadlines