Curriculum Review

Curriculum review and approval for the 2024-2025 catalog will be conducted under the curriculum approval process. These procedures streamline the process by tracking proposals, depending on their type, into two parallel tracks, each with a shortened review schedule.

The Curriculum Handbook 2024-2025 

Leepfrog opens for entry on March 15, 2024 and will remain available to departments until July 25, 2024 for final entry. Although entry can be made as late as summer, departments are encouraged to finalize faculty conversations around curriculum prior to May.

Consultations are now conducted electronically. Consultations should be completed during the academic year unless prior arrangements are made to ensure the appropriate faculty are available for consultation during the summer.

2024-2025 Curriculum Handbook
‌Table of Curriculum Pathways (PDF)
‌Approval Timetable
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‌Curriculum Program and Course Summaries