Faculty Handbook Updates

The Faculty Handbook Committee convenes during regularly scheduled meetings throughout the academic year in a process that affirms shared governance and academic freedom. The committee is responsible for drafting processes and official language for annual updates to the handbook. 

The committee is comprised of six faculty members appointed by Faculty Leadership and six administrators appointed by the Provost, who are working in a collaborative and inclusive manner with the faculty as a whole, transparently sharing its work to get feedback from the community. Committee members include:

  • Mary Connerley

  • Carissa Froyum

  • Becky Hawbaker

  • Donna Hoffman

  • Tim Kidd

  • Eric Lange

  • Mick Mack

  • Kate Martin

  • Jim Mattingly

  • Amy Petersen

  • John Vallentine (Chair)

  • Angela Waseskuk

The overall structure for the committee’s work is fully documented in chapter one and in the appendix of the Faculty Handbook. The Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for maintaining the Faculty Handbook, which is the official statement of University of Northern Iowa policy governing the rights and responsibilities of faculty.

2018-2019 Faculty Handbook with highlighted changes

2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Update #1, November 2017: Faculty Handbook Committee October-November Meeting Progress

Update #2, December 2017: Faculty Handbook Committee December-January Meeting Progress

Update #3, February 2018: Faculty Handbook Committee February Meeting Progress

Update #4, April 2018: Faculty Handbook Committee March-April Meeting Progress

Faculty Handbook Draft Changes 02.20.2018

Faculty Handbook Draft Changes 3.01.2018

Faculty Handbook Draft Changes 4.23.2018

Faculty Handbook Final Changes 7.01.2018